Are you a Personal Injury Attorney or an Insurance Company defending personal injury claims?

Dr. Brad Poppie, DPT, CSCS, is a practicing doctor of physical therapy who specializes in treating spinal pathology and functional capacity evaluations related to motor vehicle accidents and personal injury cases.

Is a Functional Capacity Evaluation right for you or your case?

  • Do you need to Assess, Define and Validate the level of a client’s physical abilities after injuries sustained in motor vehicle accident? 

  • Do you need to accurately determine the level of compensation appropriate for the disability or impairment, which has developed?

  • Do you need a concise understandable report that provides a reliable and objective measurement of ability to perform work related tasks, ADL’s, and IADL’s for your client?

  • Do you need to quantify the extent of a person’s injury, disability, and physical impairments?

  • Are you an Attorney-at-law, Insurance provider or Employer?

  • Do you want to expedite the resolution of a claim?

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive assessment of both clinical and functional tests that enable the accurate recording of any person’s ability to work and perform activities of daily life. Objective data, based on published research and validated against a large database world-wide, ensures specific, accurate, reproducible and consistent results. Functional Capacity Evaluations are used as the industry standard in both plaintiff and defendant situations where the extent of the injury must be verified or in a dispute resolution where the validity of a claim is upheld or queried.

Who Can We Help?

As an unbiased third-party, we objectively evaluate any client in both plaintiff and defendant situations of personal injury cases to report the physical capabilities of the patient.

What is its purpose?

We can help you with a reliable, validated, and professional Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) which will assist you in presenting and clarifying your case in court and/or help settle the case in pre-litigation. Many Personal Injury cases lack validated and reports and this is where an FCE can quickly establish your case and present it in a proven validated assessment.

How Does It Work?

The Functional Capacity Evaluation process takes a minimum of 4-5 hours to complete. Findings are reported statistically, in respect of physical capability, motivation, and effort and serve as a starting point for future rehabilitation management objectives for the injured party. Criteria for acceptance of a Functional Capacity Evaluation includes full disclosure of all medical information available including test results and details of medical conditions.

Supported by state of the art technology, an accurate, reliable, objective assessment provides a precise indication of the workers current work ability and based on assimilation of the test data recommendations can be made toward rehabilitation needs and future care.


A Functional Capacity Evaluation becomes the most reliable when the evaluative and objective findings are broken down into easy and relatable terms that an insurance adjuster or jury can understand. 

Dr. Poppie’s Functional Capacity Evaluations provide a very clear picture of the client’s functional ability in the workplace and their participation in normal activities of daily life.

With almost two decades of personal injury experience treating patients, Dr. Poppie’s vast clinical knowledge and ability to extrapolate those clinical findings into meaningful data is second to none. His Functional Capacity Evaluations are tailored to personal injury clients and are a “work-of-art” showcasing your client’s functional ability, physical impairments, disabilities, and future care recommendations.

Dr. Poppie has been a personal injury expert witness for the past ten years and is no stranger to the courtroom. With vast experience in the treatment and defense of personal injury cases, Dr. Poppie has structured his Functional Capacity Evaluations to defend objections through the evaluation’s data and summary of findings by delivering quantifiable and measurable evidence for the case. Dr. Poppie’s meticulous evaluation speaks for itself and he is available to lend his expert witness services in court if needed.

Click here for a patient's guide of What to Know Before Your FCE.

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We were able to receive policy limits for our client without any negotiations. I am certain Dr. Poppie’s FCE weighed heavily in their determination. Thank you Dr. Poppie for doing such a thorough job with our client.
— C. Baker, CLA®, Certified Paralegal, Kumpf Charsley & Hansen, LLC