Dr. Brad Poppie's Expert Testimony Services

The success of a personal injury lawsuit depends on the ability of the plaintiff to prove his or her case with respect to both liability and damages. To do so, the plaintiff must provide the judge or jury with adequate information from which a conclusion can be reached. For these reasons, expert witnesses are a critical part of any personal injury lawsuit because they can provide the information necessary to support the plaintiff’s claim.

Dr. Poppie has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the legal realm of personal injury. Having testified and been a deponent in court numerous times as both a retained expert and a treating provider, Dr. Poppie is able to break down the objective details of his evaluation and treatment to the jury in an easy to understand manor.  

Dr. Poppie has worked with attorneys through various stages of case development including discovery, depositions, and trial testimony on personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and civil cases.

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